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1.How to combine terms for best searching?

Combining Terms Using AND, OR, NOT: Terms can be linked with AND to show that all words must be present, with OR to search for either or both terms, and NOT to exclude words. Most search engines will default to the OR relationship between terms unless you specify otherwise. Most search engines present results in a ranked or weighted order that differs depending on the search engine used.

2.How to use + and - sings ?

Using + and - : Use + to precede terms that must be present in each retrieved item. Use - to precede terms that you do not want to retrieve.

3.How to search in a document or a page content?

Specify fields to search: Search one or more specific sections of documents.Use key words in file names.

4.How to search for a page?

Use the keywords that best describe the content of the web page to name the page.Use underscore '_' between keywords.

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